Protect Your Family and Yourself

The motivation behind almost all life insurance purchases is love. We buy it because we love people and want to protect them financially.

Sage Financial Trust can help you learn how to provide coverage for your entire life, while your policy builds cash value and provides significant benefits while you are alive.

If you are underinsured, now is the time to do something about it. Contact Sage Financial Trust today for help in creating a plan to protect the ones you love.

Life insurance helps ensure your family that you love will be provided for financially, even if you are not there to care for them yourself.

Who needs Life

Chances are you need life insurance if there is someone that will suffer financially when you die.

Life insurance ensures cash to your family after your passing. This money (the death benefit) will replace your income and can help your family members meet many important financial needs.

The death benefit can help with funeral costs, day to day living expenses and college funding.

In addition, there will be no federal income tax on life insurance benefits.

How will your loved ones fare without your income?

Most of us need life insurance. To figure out if you do, think about the worst-case scenario. If you die tomorrow, how will your loved ones survive financially?

Will they have the financial means to pay for your final expenses (such as funeral costs, medical bills, taxes, debts, lawyers’ fees, etc.)? Will they be able to meet day to day living expenses like the rent or mortgage, healthcare, clothing, food, transportation, etc.? What about future financial goals? Will your surviving spouse have the money to put the children through college, or retire without your contribution to the household?