Plan Your Financial Future

Before you walk down the road of financial planning, getting advice is strongly recommended. Learn from those who know the landscape and can cut through the clutter. Sage Financial can help you put your financial plan in action.

Financial security is within reach, but it requires effort and planning. You will thank yourself later for investing the time and energy now.

Retirement Planning

Your goal is to retire comfortably, but the time required to build a successful retirement plan can be incredibly overwhelming. Sage Financial can remove the mystery and help you plan for a comfortable, care-free retirement, so that you feel secure and satisfied now, and in the future. Learn More

Life Insurance

Do you need life insurance? It’s not pleasant, but think about the worst-case scenario. If you die tomorrow, how will your loved ones get by financially? Life insurance will replace your income and help your family members meet many of their important financial needs. Learn More

Estate Planning

Now is the time to ensure that all of your assets are distributed as you wish upon your death. Elements of an estate plan include a will, assignment of power of attorney, a living will or health-care proxy (medical power of attorney), and you may also need a trust. We can help you get this in order now. Learn More

Defined Benefit Plans

Defined-benefit plans are qualified plans where the amount of income received in retirement is determined by a formula. This type of retirement plan requires annual contributions to be made to reach a chosen level of retirement income at the predetermined future retirement date. Learn More

412(e) Defined Benefit Pensions

You as a successful business owner have the option to fund your own pension. And this can allow you to put away very significant tax deductible contributions to fund your retirement. These fully insured defined benefit plans offer unique benefits. Learn More

Strategic Planning

If you don’t have the time to research every aspect of your money decisions, let Sage Financial’s experienced professionals help. Our process helps you understand your savings and protection. We also help our clients to analyze the efficient use of their cash flow now. Learn More